Webinar Service

Audio Conference - grptalk Features:

NO PIN-DIAL-OUT: Attendees don’t need to dial-in.

Attendees don’t need to remember PIN numbers or dial-in numbers


CALL VISIBILITY & CONTROL: Only group members can join the call.

Host can easily see the members, mute them, add or even record them.


NO INTERNET REQUIRED: Attendees don’t need the internet or grptalk to get on a call.


WEB & APP SYNC: Phone data automatically syncs with your web account.


Conference Call Schedule Alert:

  • SMS Alert send to all group members as soon as the call is scheduled
  • Another reminder send to all group members half an hour prior to the call


How to Join a grptalk Conference Call:

  • grptalk server will call all members including the host at the scheduled time
  • Click on Accept Call to join the conference call
  • Attendees dont need internet or grptalk app to get on the conference call

Video Conferencing


What is TelebuJoin?

TelebuJoin is a cloud-based video conferencing & Webinar platform.


1.What do I need to host a conference/broadcast? All you need is a computer with a browser, camera, mic, and an internet connection

2.Can I call people outside of my organization? Yes, you can. All you need to do is share your unique ‘meeting link’ with the concerned person.

3.Will the participant need to download the app? No, the participant does not need to download any app or .exe files.

4.Will I be able to share my screen, chat & share documents in real-time?  Yes, you will be able to share the screen*, chat & share documents in real-time.

5.Can I switch between seeing a presentation & seeing people in my video meeting?  Yes, you can switch between seeing a presentation & seeing people in video meetings.

6.Is video conferencing secure? All conversations, meetings & discussions that take place on ‘TelebuJoin’ are 100% secure & encrypted.

7.How many people can be on a call at once? Using TelebuJoin you can host up to 10 participants for free as of now. However, you can host a webinar with 100  participants.